ORB Reader Lauched!

ORBDear Members!

Recently, publishers do not release PDF format, especially LWW, they release a new format called ORB. This format is more friendly than EPUB/CHM because it looks like print book!

To convert them to PDF, it will be very time-consuming, and the size of the book will increase 10 times!But, the quality decreases; also, sometimes, errors occur such as lost images, lost text…! If i convert them to PDF and upload, it will take me 1-2 year to complete all!

So, i decide to create a reader for them! The reader will preserve the original quality of the book. It is only a simple program, it has some basic functions like zoom, bookmark… It still needs more develops, so it may be inconvenient now! We are sorry for any inconvenience and we will fix them in future!

The first version is only available for Windows! We will develop Mac and iOS version soon!

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