ORB Reader Lauched!

ORBDear Members!

Recently, publishers do not release PDF format, especially LWW, they release a new format called ORB. This format is more friendly than EPUB/CHM because it looks like print book!

To convert them to PDF, it will be very time-consuming, and the size of the book will increase 10 times!But, the quality decreases; also, sometimes, errors occur such as lost images, lost text…! If i convert them to PDF and upload, it will take me 1-2 year to complete all!

So, i decide to create a reader for them! The reader will preserve the original quality of the book. It is only a simple program, it has some basic functions like zoom, bookmark… It still needs more develops, so it may be inconvenient now! We are sorry for any inconvenience and we will fix them in future!

The first version is only available for Windows! We will develop Mac and iOS version soon!

Go to Download Page >>>

14 thoughts on “ORB Reader Lauched!

  1. rad_tomo

    Dear admin, thank you for the hard work.
    Unfortunately i only have Mac OS and windows 7 64-bit.
    I tried the orb reader software on windows 7 64 -bit and it does not work.
    I tried to search any alternative e reader for orb, and so far found no clue.
    If you have any other suggestions for Mac OS or windows 7 64-bit, it would be a great help.

    Thank you before.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi! I’m using Windows 7 64 bit and it works! Open the reader first, then load file via the reader!

      1. rad_tomo

        Thank you for the reply admin,
        I try the program again today;
        In my computer when i open the reader, it pops up a small window orbviewer “Class not registered”, i click OK,
        Pops up a window that said “access violation at address 004EC612 in module ‘ORBViewer.exe’. Read of address 00000000.”, click OK,
        after that the reader opens, i try to open the book via the open file icon, but it says “unable to create directory”.
        And the reader only have the blank page.
        I don’t know if it because i’m running Windows via Virtual Machine in OSX, or something else.
        I’ll wait for the OSX version ^_^ .
        Any suggestions on reader for orb in android or iOS device?

        Thank you before,

          1. rad_tomo

            Thank you mojtaba.
            I installed the flash player and the programs works!!

            Thank you again,

  2. eyalrob

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks a lot! Great idea and implementation!
    For the next versions: do you think you could add an option to print the while document?
    That way whoever wants to convert parts or all of the document to PDF will be able to do so, without taking up your time and resources.
    Also, as someone already suggested, the option for annotations/highlighting would also be very useful.

    Thanks a lot anyway!

  3. claudiuiosub

    Dear admin, i hope you will improve soon the orbreader. One function that I espect to become available is Rotate View, clockwise or reverse, like Adobe reader does, because all the books contain tables which are hard to read.

  4. Alireza

    I would like to see a version for handheld devices like android or ipad. Also if you know a programme that convert to PDF in mac OS system please provide the link here because until the orbviewer gets ready for apple mac, i need PDF version of the books.


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